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Adjective Adverb Noun Verb Meaning a accurate accurately accurateness -- adj. - free from error. (antonym - inaccurate) agreeable agreeably agreement agree adj.- giving pleasure to someone (antonym -disagreeable) n.

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    [hide]Adjective Adverb Noun Verb Meaning a accurate accurately accurateness -- adj. - free from error. (antonym - inaccurate) agreeable agreeably agreement agree adj.- giving pleasure to someone (antonym -disagreeable) n. - a promise or contract made with someone v. - to say that one is willing amazing, amazed amazingly amazement amaze adj. - great surprise and wonder (antonym -unamazing) annoying, annoyed annoyingly annoyance annoy adj. - annoying - causing slight anger or irritation adj. - annoyed - rather angry n. - the things that annoys artistic artistically art -- adj. - having natural skills at drawing, painting, acting, etc. (antonym - unartistic) associate -- association associate adj. - joined / part of (antonym - disassociate) n. - group, organization v. - to join together / to act together with or deal with somebody attractive attractively attractiveness attract adj.- pretty /pleasing / interesting (antonym - unattractive) b behaved -- behaviour behave adj. - acting in a specific way. used to form compound adjectives e.g. well-behaved (antonym - misbehaved) n. - way of acting / way of treating others v. - to act in a specified way believable believably belief believe adj. - that can be believed(antonym - unbelievable) n. - the feeling that something is real or true v. - to feel sure of the truth of something beneficial beneficially beneficiary benefit adj. - having a helpful or useful effect (antonym - n. - being kind, friendly and helpful v. - profit / gain / future good bold boldly boldness -- adj. - confident and brave (antonym - cowardly) c casual casually casualness -- adj. - happening by chance / not serious (antonym - formal) clear clearly clear adj. - free from cloud / without , error, defect or drawback (antonym - unclear) comfortable comfortably comfort comfort adj. - enjoyable / free from pain (antonym- adj.uncomfortable / antonym - noun discomfort) v. - to make someone (or yourself) happy convenient conveniently convenience -- adj. - easy / handy / useful (antonym - inconvenient) commercial commercially commerce -- adj. - to make money / related to business practices and activities (antonym - noncommercial) creative creatively creation create adj. - able to make or produce things(antonym -uncreative) critical critically criticism criticize adj. - looking for faults or problems (antonym -uncritical) d dated dateless datedness date adj. - old fashion, not modern (antonym - modern) v. - to write the date / to meet a person of the opposite sex decided decidedly decision decide adj. - clear, definite (antonym - undecided) n. - the conclusion reached / outcome / result / judgment v. - to settle an argument or dispute / to choose / to make up one's mind decisive decisively decisiveness -- adj. - showing the ability to decide quickly (antonym -indecisive) deliberate deliberately -- -- adj. - done on purpose (antonym - undeliberate) different differently -- -- adj. - unusual, uncommon (antonym - same) -- -- discussion discuss n. - a talk v. - to talk or write about something disputable disputably dispute dispute adj. - something that can be questioned or argued about (antonym - indisputable) n. - argument v. - to argue / to debate distracted distractedly distraction distract adj. - unable to concentrate properly (antonym -undistracted ) n. - a noise, sound, sight, etc. which prevents concentration e ethical ethically ethic -- adj. - morally correct (plural ethics) antonym - unethical exact exactly exactness exact adj. - strictly correct (antonym - inexact) extraordinary extraordinarily -- -- adj. - above the usual (antonym - normal, usual, common f fashionable fashionably fashion fashion adj. - trendy / stylish (antonym- unfashionable) v - to make fascinated / fascinating -- fascination fascinate adj. - attracted and delighted by creating interest and curiosity (antonym - uncritical) flexible flexibly flexibility flex adj. - the ability to bend (antonym - inflexible) v. - to tighten, usually muscles in the human body forgivable -- forgiveness forgive adj. - can be forgiven (antonym - unforgivable) v. - to stop blaming or stop resenting someone for something he or she has done fortunate fortunately fortune -- adj. - lucky (antonym - unfortunate) friendly friendlily friendliness -- adj. - kind, affectionate (antonym - unfriendly) g h happy happily happiness -- adj. - content, glad (adj. - unhappy) n. - joy harmonious harmoniously harmony harmonize adj. - agreeable, friendly (antonym - disharmonious) hidden -- -- hide adj. - kept out of sight / unseen (antonym -visible ) heightened height heighten adj. - make higher / intensify (antonym -lowered ) honest honestly honesty -- adj - frank, open, truthful (antonym - dishonest) honourable honourably honour honour adj. - ethical, fair, moral, principled (antonym -dishonourable) n. - personal respect v. - to respect highly / accept or pay a debt i imaginable / imaginary imaginably imagination imagine adj. - imaginable - likely, possible (antonym -unimaginable) adj. - imaginary - existing only in the mind (antonym -unimaginary) n. - the ability to create images of things that are not present v. imagine - to create a picture in the mind important importantly importance -- adj. - serious (antonym - unimportant) improvable -- improvement improve adj. - can be made better (antonym - un improvable) n. - something that adds to the value of something inspirational inspirationally inspiration inspire adj. - (antonym - uninspired) intrigued / intriguing intriguingly intrigue intrigue adj. - (antonym - un intrigued) intelligent intelligently intelligence -- adj - cleaver, smart (antonym - unintelligent) inventive inventively invention invent adj. - (antonym - uninventive) irritable irritably irritant / irritation irritate adj. - easily annoyed n. - irritant - person or thing causing irritation n. - irritation - annoyance, slight pain j justified justifiable justification justify adj - morally correct (antonym - unjustified) v - to show the rightness or justice of something k l legal legally legality legalize adj. - allowed by law (antonym - illegal) legible legibly legibility -- adj. - easily read (antonym - illegible) legitimate legitimately legitimacy legitimize adj. - lawful, regular / born in wedlock (antonym -illegitimate) liberal liberally liberal liberalize adj. - generous / tolerant / unrestricted amount of something (antonym - illiberal) n. - a person who has liberal ideas (usually about freedom from control) v. - to free from political or moral restrictions likely likely likelihood like adj. - probably (antonym - unlikely) adv, - very probable n. - probability v. - similar to / to be fond of / having some or all of the qualities or features of logical logically logic -- adj. - clear, rational, reasonable (antonym - illogical) n. - art or philosophy of reasoning lucky luckily luck -- adj. - fortunately (antonym - unlucky) m mature maturely maturity mature adj. - ripe like a fruit / completely developed like an adult (antonym - immature) moral morally morality moralize adj. - right and just (antonym - immoral) v. - to talk in a self-righteous way about what is right or wrong mortal mortally mortality -- adj. - human / deadly or fatal (antonym immortal - live forever) n noticeable noticeably notice notice adj. - attracting attention / easily seen (antonym -unnoticeable) n. - a sign, advertisement or warning v. - to see something o offensive offensively offensiveness offend adj. - upsetting or annoying (antonym -inoffensive) ordinary ordinarily -- -- adj. common, usual, not strange (antonym -unordinary) p patient patiently patience -- adj. - ability to accept delay (antonym - impatient) perfect perfect perfection perfect adj. - without error or flaw (antonym - imperfect) v. - to make something without error or flaw performing -- performance perform adj. - doing or acting / doing as expected (antonym -unperforming) n. - act, play, feat, achievement v. - to do something / to act a part in a play polite politely politeness -- adj. - having or showing good manners (antonym -impolite) possible possibly possibility -- adj. - something that can be done (antonym -impossible) powerful powerfully power power adj. - very strong / having great influence (antonym - powerless) n. - energy v. - the ability to do something preventable -- prevention prevent adj. - that which can be avoided, stopped or hindered (antonym - unpreventable) v. - to stop or hinder probable probably probability -- adj. - likely (antonym - improbable) professional professionally professionalism -- adj. - a qualified worker who does something to a high standard (antonym - unprofessional) protective protectively protection protect adj. - trying or intended to protect n. - defense / safety v. - to keep safe from harm, injury, hurt, etc. / guard q r rational rationally rationale / rationality rationalize adj. - reasonable, sensible (antonym - (irrational) v. - justify by reasoning recommended / recommending -- recommendation recommend adj. - (antonym - unrecommended) regular regularly regularity -- adj. - normal, usual, habitual (antonym - irregular) relevant relevantly relevance -- adj. - related to the matter under discussion (antonym -irrelevant) reliable reliability reliability rely adj. - dependable (antonym - unreliable) religious religiously religiousness -- adj. - pious / conscientious / holy (antonym -unreligious - not religious / irreligious - replaceable -- replacement replace adj. - can be replaced (antonym - irreplaceable) representative -- representative represent adj. - typical (unrepresentative) n. - one chosen to stand for a group v. - to symbolize / to stand for respectful respectable respectability respect adj. - showing consideration or politeness (antonym -disrespectful) n. - worthy of respect v. - to look up to / show consideration for responsible responsibly responsibility -- adj. - legally or morally obliged (antonym -irresponsible) reversible reversibility reverse reverse adj. - can be changed back to its original condition (antonym - irreversible) n. - the opposite romantic romantically romantic romanticize adj. - of or dealing with love / loving (antonym -unromantic) n. - visionary / a sentimental person s satisfactory satisfactorily satisfaction satisfy adj. - acceptable / fair / good enough (antonym -unsatisfactory) n. - pleasure / pride / sense of fulfilment v. - to please / to come up to expectations significant significantly significance signify adj. - important / meaningful (antonym - insignificant) v. - to be a sign of soluble -- solubility solution adj. - can be dissolved in water (antonym - insoluble) n. - the answer to a problem / the liquid in which something is dissolved speedy speedily speed speed adj. - quickly (antonym - slowly) n. - swiftness / rate of progress v. - to move quickly successful successfully success succeed adj. - profitable / rewarding / fortunate (antonym -unsuccessful) n. - favourable outcome v. - turn out satisfactorily symbolic symbolically symbol symbolize adj. - using something as a symbol (antonym -unsymbolic) n. - an image, object, etc. used to represent something v. - to be a representation of something or someone t talkative -- talk / talkativeness talk adj. - (antonym - untalkative) tasteful tastefully tastefulness taste adj. - in a good style / to one's liking (antonym -distasteful) v. - to eat a small amount of something taught / teaching -- teacher teach adj. - instructed (antonym - unteachable) thrilled / thrilling -- thrill thrill adj. - excited (antonym -unexcited ) u v valid -- validity validate adj. - genuine / good / true / accurate (antonym -invalid) adv. - lawfulness / legality / right v. - to make legally true / to make something logical or justifiable w xyz[/hide]


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