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الموضوع: Hijab

What do U C when look @ me Do U C some1 limited, or free All some ppl can do is just look n stare simply bcoz they cant C

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    افتراضي Hijab

    Hijab 07.gifWhat do U C when look @ me
    Do U C some1 limited, or free

    All some ppl can do is just look n stare
    simply bcoz they cant C my hair
    others think i am limited n uneducated
    They r so thankful that they aint me
    Bcoz they would like to remain free

    Hijab 07.gifWell free isnt exactly the word i would've used
    Discribing women who r cheated on n abused
    They think that i do not have opinions or voice
    They think that being hooded isnt my choice
    They think that the hood makes me look cage
    That my husband or my dad r totally outraged
    All they can do is look @ me in fear
    and in my eye there is a tear

    Hijab 07.gif Not bcoz i've been stared @ or made fun of
    But bcoz ppl r ignoring the One up above
    On the day of judgment they will b the fools
    bcoz they were too ashamed to play wid their own rules
    Maybe the guys wont think i m a cutie
    But @least i m filled with more inner beauty
    C i've declined from being a guy's toy
    bcoz i wont let myself b controlled by a boy

    Hijab 07.gifReal men r able 2 appreciate my mind
    And aint busy looking @ my behind
    Hooded gurls r the ones really helping the Muslim cause
    The role that we play definitely deserves applause
    i will b recognized bcoz i m smart n bright
    And bcoz some ppl r inspired by my sight
    The smart ones r attracted by my tranquility
    In the back of their mind they wish they were me

    Hijab 07.gifWe 've the strenght to do wat we think is right
    Even if it means putting up a life long fight
    U C we aint controlled by a mini skirt n tight shirt
    We r given only respect, and never treated like dirt
    So U C, we aint the ones that r ***ually terrorized n violated
    We r the ones that r free n pure
    We r free of SDT's that've no cure
    So when ppl ask U how U feel about the Hood
    Just Sum it up by sayin,"BABY IT IS ALL GOOD"


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    تاريخ التسجيل
    Jul 2008


    How to spot and after
    Thank you, my brother Mohammed on the subject
    You all the appreciation and respect
    God bless you
    The subject of a special wonderful

  3. افتراضي

    Thanks Mabsoot23
    Excellent on the subject
    Further innovation and progress
    You have my full respect and appreciation
    Your brother
    Ibrahim aboumues

  4. افتراضي

    thanks for the great subject
    good luck
    with love

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    همـسه زائر


    يسلموو دياتك على الاضافة

    ربي يعطيك الف عافية

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    الف شكر لكم جميعا لردودكم وتواصلكم

    اسعدني كثيرا وجودكم في صفحاتي

    اتمني لكم قضاء اسعد الاوقات معنا

    تحياتي لكم جميعا


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