Crete Island Mountain View North Coast

Enjoy life in a unique manner between in Crete Island Mountain View North Coast
A new start was offered by Mountain View Company is one of its major stages within the Mountain View North Coast project, which is the resort of Crete Island, also known as Crete Islands.

It was given this name because of its lovely Greek character, which fills its sides and adds to its beauty and refinement, as it is a fully integrated location that provides you with all the aspects of happiness and joy.

The developer has provided a variety of spaces and multiple types of units so that the customer has a wide range of options. Crete Island Village is distinguished by a wide range of features and services that set it apart from others, and the developer has provided a variety of spaces and multiple types of units so that the customer has a wide range of options.

This is in addition to the payment options and unique discounts available at the location to help you get the height of your unit quickly. In the following paragraphs, we’ll show you more unique features of the resort… so continue with us

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Crete Islands Ras El Hekma resort has a large number of different advantages that make it unique from other tourist resorts, and one of those features is its privileged location, which is close to several important places and different areas, as well as pivotal roads that facilitate access to the resort.

The Mountain View Company picked the North Coast region to develop this emblem of elegance, notably in Ras El Hekma, recognized for its purity of water and the grandeur of its beach, since it is one of the key tourist regions with a lovely and distinctive ambiance.

Let’s get to know more about Crete Island Mountain View location:

The resort is around 15 kilometers from the new Fouka road, making it relatively close to Cairo.
The resort is located immediately after the North Coast Marina Village and stretches for many kilometers along Marsa Matrouh’s roadways.
The Alexandria Desert Road, Wadi El-Natrun El Alamein Road, and El Dabaa Road are all near to the resort.
It’s also around 30 minutes from the well-known Sidi Abdel Rahman area.
This location is not only close to Cairo, but it is also less than 3 hours away, allowing you to have a beautiful holiday at any time.
The resort is barely 200 meters from Alexandria, which means it takes roughly two hours to drive there.
El Alamein Airport is around 50 kilometers distant, while Borg El Arab Airport is only a few kilometers away.
This is on top of the several tourist resorts that surround it, such as Hacienda Bay Resort, وZoya Resort, Bo Island Resort, and Jefaira Resort.

Crete Island Mountain View North Coast