Oblisco Capitale Tower New Capital

Oblisco Capitale Tower New Capital

The golden opportunity is at your fingertips now inside the tallest tower in Africa, “Oblisco Capital Tower”.

Oblisco Tower is the first of its kind in New Administrative Capital, and in the whole world; Its height is about 1,000 square meters, which exceeds the height of Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which is 868 square meters.

The “Idia Design” company (responsible for designing the project) is keen to create a new landmark in Egypt, designed in a luxurious style inspired by the pharaonic styles, and the art of decoration, with a water canal surrounding it that mimics the Nile River, which in itself is an important attraction for many clients.

In addition, there are special places for housing, shopping, and recreation that are well suited for lovers of fine taste, and those looking for luxury, and a quiet life amidst the beauty of nature.

Oblisco Capitale Tower New Administrative Capital is the most prestigious without a doubt!

Location Of Oblisco Capital Tower Egypt
El-Nasr Housing and Development Company has chosen a distinguished geographic location for the establishment of this huge project; The tower was built in the center of New Administrative Capital, specifically in the central business district, which is a landmark in the capital and includes 20 towers with multiple uses between residential, administrative, commercial, and services.

Oblisco Capitale Tower is also close to the vital places in the capital; where:

It is a few minutes away from the Mohammed bin Zayed axis and Al sefarat district.
A short distance from Al Masa Hotel, which is distinguished by its modern touches.
The distance between the project and the regional ring road and the middle ring road does not exceed a few minutes.

Oblisco Capitale Tower New Capital