Porto October Compound

You Have A Golden Opportunity To Book Your Unit In Porto October Compound One Of The Finest Residential Compounds In Greater Cairo

If you are looking for a special place to live in peace with your children, away from noise and pollution, and within it all amenities and luxury, then your ideal choice is Porto October Compound, as it has all the unique features and services you dream of.

The most important feature of Porto October Compound is that it is located in a distinct strategic location as it is located in the urban area of ​​the 6th of October City, which includes many high-end residential neighborhoods such as Al Worod, Al-Bashayer, Sumid, and others.

It also contains many industrial areas in various fields such as the Juhayna factory, the BMW car factory, the Suzuki factory, and others, in addition to the fact that there are universities, schools, government departments, and others, which makes it an integrated city with services.

Porto 6 October’s architectural designs look very luxurious and modern, keeping pace with the modern style, and all the interior units are equipped with all modern technology and integrated services, in addition to its wonderful panoramic view of the charming landscape that gives psychological comfort, calm and tranquility.

The prices are surprising for competitors and suitable for all customers, in addition to the presence of convenient facilities and installments over the longest repayment period.

Enjoy Living With Your Children Inside Porto October Compound In The Most Privileged Location In The Heart Of 6th Of October City
The geographical location is one of the most important priorities of the clients, so the real estate developer chose the location of Porto October Project very carefully, as it is located in the heart of 6th of October City, which is characterized by containing a large number of high-end residential neighborhoods, large factories, and many investment activities in various fields.

In addition, the city includes many government departments, schools, universities, and many service areas, which has led to a large number of customers and investors coming to it from everywhere.

Porto October location is characterized by its proximity to the most important roads and main axes, which leads to easy access to it from everywhere through 3 main entrances, which are Dahshur Road and Gamal Abdel Nasser Street, which is located next to the Mall of Arabia and the northern extension

Porto 6 October is located near the most important roads, main axes, and important places in 6th of October City, the most important of which are:

Porto 6th October is located near the Dahshur link axis and the 26th of July axis.
Close to Al Banafseg Street and Al Worod Street.
Porto Compound is a few minutes away from both El Hosary Mosque and 6th of October Club.
Porto 6 October Compound is only 5 minutes away from Juhayna Square.
Close to the most important universities such as 6th of October University and Nile University.
Porto 6th October Close to vital neighborhoods such as Al-Bashayer and Al Motamayez neighborhood.
It is located close to 6 October Club, Mohandessin Oasis, and Tiba Gardens.

Porto October Compound