Solas Mall New Capital

If You Are Looking For A Special Place That Includes The Largest Luxury Administrative Units. All Of This Is Available In Solas Mall New Capital

Solas New Capital Project is one of the most important major administrative projects located in the heart of the New Capital, this project contains only administrative units, and it is in the most important investment area at all.

Solas units are dedicated to the management, which will ensure that you and your workers enjoy peace away from the crowds, provide a qualified environment for work, and increase productivity, which benefits you.

As for the services within the project, they are many and endless. Inside the mall, you will enjoy the best multiple services that help you work comfortably and actively, and the units inside enjoy wonderful views of the scenic landscape, which helps you relax in the clean outdoors.

In addition, the prices inside the mall are very special, as you will own your unit easily and with a convenient payment system for you for the longest possible period.

Solas Mall New Capital Location
The owner of the mall in the Administrative Capital, VOW Real Estate Investment Company, was eager to build and construct the mall using the most up-to-date models and in an environment that was suitable for work and production.

The administrative units have been perfectly designed so that they all have natural lighting, which means that sunlight enters at all hours of the day, helping to reduce electricity consumption in most units, as well as a modern and distinctive electricity system that relaxes the eye, providing you with complete comfort while performing your administrative duties.

Features of Solas Mall Administrative Capital location

Solas mall is located in one of the most important locations of the new administrative capital, as it is based in the financial district in plot 2.25 B.
The mall is about two minutes away from the largest hotels, which are Al-Massa Hotel, and the City of Culture and Arts.
The government district, which includes the ministries, the Egyptian parliament building, the Administrative Control Authority, the Middle East’s largest library, and the largest cinema complex, is close to Solas.
The building is located in the financial district, where the headquarters of the Central Bank of Egypt and the complex of Egyptian and international banks known within Egypt are located.

Solas Mall New Capital