Za Mall New Capital

Get To Know About Za Mall New Capital

Za Mall New Capital is one of the largest commercial, administrative, and medical projects in the Downtown area, an important area within the capital overlooking the Green River Park and many other important landmarks.

New Capital includes a large population density, which is considered one of the distinctive success factors for the various projects established in it. Therefore, Zaytoun Development, the owner of Za Mall, was keen to select this distinguished place at the entrance to the Downtown area.

Za Mall New Capital carries exquisite engineering designs and distinctive architectural finishes that increase the beauty of the place and make it easier for the owners to practice their different businesses, in addition to providing different spaces ranging from small to large to suit the different tastes and desires of customers.

So take the initiative now and seize this unique opportunity to own your unit within the huge Za Mall project and get excellent facilities and discounts.

Unique Location In The Heart Of New Administrative Capital
A special location was chosen by Zaytoun Development in order to build the mall inside, as it is close to several important residential neighborhoods and a group of roads and pivotal areas within New Capital.

Za mall is located in New Administrative Capital, specifically at the entrance to the Downtown, in plot No. (TOM/07), which is one of the most distinguished areas in the capital, in a large shopping center surrounded by various residential complexes. Here are the rest of the details about the unique location of the mall:

Za Mall Project overlooks the famous Green River Garden, which gives a wonderful aesthetic view of Za mall.
Za Mall New Capital is also close to several important neighborhoods, including the financial and business district, the government district, and others.
It is also a short distance from Expo City and the medical city.
Za Mall New Capital is just a few minutes away from the famous Al Masa Hotel.
It is also about two minutes away from the presidential palace.
And it’s not far from the Monorail Expressway.
Za Mall New Capital is also close to several important facilities, including major hospitals, huge residential compounds, universities, and international schools.

Za Mall New Capital